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Fibromyalgia & Other Rare Disease


After finishing his Medical and Science Doctorates at Penn State, Dr. Zinnanti went on to post-doctoral studies in neurobiology at Caltech, where he developed treatments for two rare metabolic diseases. 


As both an MD & PhD, Dr. Zinnanti's training and mindset are both in hands-on medical treatment with current best practices, and he is passionate for reseaching and developing treatments for rare diseases and brain traumas which have previously been considered untreatable. 


With his background in clinical resesarch, Dr. Zinnanti is tenacious when it comes to diagnosing and treating patients who have been turned away by other doctors. Not only does he enjoy the challenge, but there is personal satisfaction in helping people in difficult circumstances. 


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"My son played football for 13 years, so when he started acting a bit differently,

I immediately thought he might have suffered brain trauma. After seeing many other doctors, we finally were referred to Dr. Zinnanti. Wow! First of all, to have a doctor of  Dr. Zinnanti's caliber right here in Santa Cruz is amazing. Not only that, but

Dr. Zinnanti has gone way above and beyond anything any doctor has ever done for us. Through a lot of persistence, Dr. Zinnanti discovered that my son has a rare metabolic disorder. Now we not only have hope, but we're seeing real progress."

Jamie Allen, Parent

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