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Epilepsy & Seizure


Epilepsy is a more common neurological problem than many people realize. In fact, 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime.


Sometimes the seizures are so small that people do not realize what is going on. Dr Zinnanti has been able to diagnose and treat several children who were having "absence seizures", which means that they were actually having seizures, but seems as if they were tuned out for just a few seconds. Dr. Zinnanti explains, "When these families finally understand what's happening, it is completely life changing".


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"When my mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, our doctors told us that we had to decide between surgery and chemotherapy. Confused, uncertain and feeling abandoned by our other doctors, we finally met Dr. Zinnanti. He compassionately explained everything and counseled us in making difficult decisions. He did house calls. He talked with us at all hours. He went completely above and beyond. Right through to the very end, Dr. Zinnanti helped us find the right mix of medication where my mom was able to be as lucid and pain-free as possible. I could never thank

Dr. Zinnanti enough."

Rachael Shelton, Daughter

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